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We wanted to post a quick note to our website regarding the news stories that have run about the Nowakowski family and our fantastic Benoy Masonry crew.


We started the Riverwalk Apartments Hartland WI project in August.  And over the next 4 months I received several phone calls from the crew about a jobsite neighbor.  This gentleman and his wife had become very interactive with them.  I heard stories of Rich and Pat and how they would take walks and sit on their porch several times a day commenting on our work.  “Beautiful!!”  “Awesome!!”   This man, with such an unbelievably positive heart, truly changed our crew.  He had inspired them in so many different ways.


Several of the guys individually decided that they wanted to give something to Rich as a Thank You for always brightening their days.  As they got together to discuss their ideas, our foreman and project coordinator, Gary Aide, shared that he was also thinking of something for Rich.  Gary came up with the perfect idea.  Rich has been a long time Packer fan, but life threw him a curve ball when he had his stroke.  He hadn’t been to a game in decades.  Gary called me to say that the guys were all pitching in to buy Rich two Packer tickets and some Packer gear.  What a great idea!  I told him the company would cover the Nowakowski’s travel expenses, it was the least we could do.   At first I was blown away.  What a selfless and generous idea.  But the more I thought about it, it wasn’t that much of a surprise.  These guys are more than just coworkers.  They look out for and take care of each other.  And this kind act is just an extension of that.


Over the last few days, Benoy Masonry has received an unbelievable amount of positive responses via email, facebook and even our generic contact form on our website “for more information” page.  We really appreciate hearing from people around the country. 


The true praise however, belongs to Gary Aide and his crew on the job:


Adam Freeman

Andrew Westcott

Bill Groleau

Brandon Johnson

Brandon McGinley

Carlos Rodriguez

Dean Stronach

Dennis Reynolds

Doug Butler

Jeff Saindon

Josh Ventura

Lashon Robinson 

Matt Heckman

Matthew Martens

Mike Larrabee

It was their kindness that has inspired so many others. I could not be more proud.


We want to acknowledge a few other special people:


Lake Country Now.  They were the first group to reach out to us and ran a great story on their website.


Tim Elliott from WISN 12 in Milwaukee.  He contacted us and wanted to do an on air story.  He and his crew did a great job capturing Rich’s spirit.  Tim even decided last minute to attend the Packer game so he could be there with Rich.


Eliza Murphy from ABC News / Good Morning America.  She saw Rich’s story and reached out to us about running an article on GMA and ABC News.


Joe and Adam from JD McCormick and Billy from Next Step Builders.  JD McCormick is the project developer and Next Step Builders is the project manager. They heard about what the crew was planning for Rich and wanted to be a part of it.  They each contributed cash for spending money at the game.


And last but certainly not least, Rich Nowakowski.  It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and Pat.  Thank you so much for reminding us how a warm heart can truly make a big difference in someone elses day.



We wish everyone near and far the happiest of holidays!






Andy Benoy

Owner / President

Benoy Masonry